Frequently Asked Questions


Room Rental

Q: What does the room rental include?
A: The room rental includes use of the ballroom, bar area, sitting room, restrooms, coat rack, tables, chairs, and basic sound system.

Q: What is the ballroom’s capacity?
A: 299 standing, 160 seated

Q: Are children allowed in the ballroom?
A: Yes, children are welcome during all hours of operation.

Q: Is there a stage?
A: Yes, there is a stage. Stage measurements are 6'2" by 15'5".

Q: What type and quantity of tables are included in the rental?
A: We have 16 round tables that are 5' in diameter. They seat 8-10 people each.
    We have 6 restaurant-style square tables that are 26" by 26". They seat 2-4 people each.
    We have 4 round bistro-style tables that are 24" in diameter. They fit 2-6 standing people each.
    We have 2 square bistro-style tables that are 30" by 30". They fit 2-6 standing people each.
    We have 6 rectangular tables that are 6' long. They seat 4-10 people each.
    We also have one podium and 140 chairs available for you to use.

Q: Is the ballroom ADA accessible?
A: Due to the historic nature of the building and the ballroom being on the second story, the entrance is not directly ADA accessible. The entrance to the ballroom has a couple of stairs, a walkway, and then more stairs.  Once in the ballroom, all doorways are wide enough for ADA accessibility.

Q: What items are not allowed in the ballroom?
A: Rice, confetti, glitter, silly string, and birdseed are not permitted in the building or the outside entrance. In addition, there is absolutely no tape, nails, screws or anything that will leave a permanent mark allowed in the ballroom.

Q: Are candles allowed in the ballroom?
A: Small candles for chafing dishes and small candles in jars or votives for table decorations are allowed.


Office Hours and Viewings

Q: What are your office hours?
A: Sales office hours are Monday through Friday, with hours varying by week in accordance with our event schedule.

Q: How do I schedule a viewing? 
A: Viewing the ballroom is by appointment only. You can call 503-505-9733 or email to schedule an appointment.

Q: Why do I need to schedule an appointment?
A: Our event schedule varies from day to day and we are unable to show the ballroom during events or other appointments.


Setting Up and Cleaning

Q: Who is responsible for setting up the ballroom?
A: Renters are able to hire the Village Ballroom staff to set up (tables, chairs, and linens, if purchased through us). When our staff is hired to do the set-up, this happens outside of your room rental time.
Renters are able to do their own set-up and decorating, including but not limited to tables, chairs, decorations, linens, napkins, silverware. However, this time is included in the contracted times.

Q: Who is responsible for cleaning the ballroom?
A: The renter is responsible for removing any items they bring at the end of the event, such as flowers, pictures, gifts, decorations, etc.  When our staff is hired to clean, we will take care of the rest of the clean-up.



Q: Do you have on-site catering?
A: Yes, we have on-site catering through the Oregon Public House. Menu and pricing is available on our catering page.

Q: Do you allow outside catering?
A: Yes, we allow for outside catering and potluck-style provided food. All food that is not provided by Oregon Public House is subject to an outside catering fee.

Q: Do you charge a fee to bring in cake or desserts?
A: No, we do not charge for renters to bring in cake or other desserts.  If you would like hire our cake-cutting service, please let your booking representative know you are interested in this service.

Q: Do you have catering items available for rent?
A: Yes, please speak to your booking representative about pricing and items available for rent.



Q: What kind of alcoholic beverages do you serve?
A: The Village Ballroom is a beer, wine, cider, and champagne establishment only. We require our bartenders to server all alcoholic beverages.

Q: Can I purchase alcoholic beverages through Village Ballroom?
A: Yes, the renter is able to purchase beverages through the Village Ballroom. Pricing sheet is available upon request.

Q: Can I bring in donated wine or beer?
A: Yes, the renter is able to bring in their own beer, wine, cider, and champagne to be served by the Village Ballroom bartender. Please note that tapping, bottle opening and corkage fees apply. See your booking representative for specifics. 


Event Insurance

Q: Is the renter required to have event insurance?
A: Yes, we do require event insurance for all events. Please see Village Ballroom staff for specific insurance requirements.


Nonprofit Selection

Q: I’m part of a nonprofit organization, can the proceeds of my event go to my 501c3 organization?
A: No, we are committed to supporting our partnered nonprofits. However, if you would like to become one of The Oregon Public House partnered nonprofits, we would recommend you apply through The Oregon Public House website. For more information about becoming a partnered nonprofit, please see the Oregon Public House website.

Q: Do I get to choose any nonprofit?
A: The renter has the privilege of choosing one of our six Oregon Public House partner nonprofit we are giving to that month.

Q: How does the nonprofit selection work?
A: We accept applications for new 501c3 nonprofits all year long. For more information please see the Oregon Public House website.


Audio/Visual Equipment

Q: What items can connect to your sound board?
A: Laptops, iPads, iPods, microphones, and cell phones can connect to our sound board. Please remember all renters are responsible for any applicable licenses for live or recorded music.

Q: Do you have microphones available for rent?
A: Yes, we have microphones available for rent. Please speak with the Village Ballroom booking staff for pricing.

Q: Do you have a projector or screen for rent?
A: Yes, we have a projector and screen available for rent. Please speak with the Village Ballroom booking staff for pricing.